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Change item setup workflow

The item setup workflow should be broken up into a couple different screens with tooltips added to make it more intuitive. Currently, there is a lot of data all crammed into one page with no real descriptions or helpful tooltips to guide the user to success. The first page could be where they setup the itemID, descriptions, schedule, and type of item i.e. multidose, single use, etc. The second page could be where they setup how they want the item to be issued (1mL per mL, 10mL per bottle, 1 Tab, etc.) with a tooltip and example to help them through as well as how they want the item to be ordered and from which supplier with a tooltip they could click that would display an example of the order QTY setup and what that means when they set max/min on assignment (This could be a separate page, but it may help them to set up order and issue quantities so they can see both and don't have to move back and forth between pages. Or display the issue quantity on the page where they setup order quantity so they can have that visual). Then a page where they choose the item attributes they want to have on that item i.e. Witness, Countback, rxcheck, etc.

  • Kendrick White
  • Sep 11 2017
  • Under Review
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