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Ability to Mass change Item attributes by Schedule or item Type

It would essentially allow a user to change item attributes for specific drug ranges or drug types. So, if a user wants to change all of their Narcotics to require Issue witness and Blind Countback, they would have a place kind of like our current item setup screen where they could click the item attributes they want to enable/disable>choose a schedule range (Sched 2-5 items) or item type (Supply,Medication, Single use, Multidose, etc)>and save to update. Currently, they would need this information to either be updated in SQL by support or through an import. This could also help installers if a facility changes their mind about how their items are setup by making it so they could change what is needed in the field without contacting support or getting the data imported.


If the users could pick and choose the items they want to update that would be great as well. If they only wanted to update all fentanyls and not the rest of the controlled substances, there should be a box where they can type fent to search and it brings up all the fentanyls and they can pick and choose which items they want to update. This would just be another avenue in case they wanted to pick and choose certain items.

  • Kendrick White
  • Sep 11 2017
  • Under Review
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